Video Tour of Paradigm Loudspeakers & Anthem AV @ Saturday Audio’s room @ Axpona

Joey Perfito of Paradigm and Anthem tells us about the new Persona loudspeakers and the new STR integrated amplifier from Anthem AV!


Visit Axpona 2017 – see MartinLogan Neolith, Renaissance ESL 15A, Expression ESL 13A, Illusion ESL C34A, Paradigm Persona 9H, 3F, B and Anthem STR, AVM60 & M1’s!

Visit Axpona 2017 at the Westin O’Hare hotel and witness the awesome performance of these products!

Dennis Chern and Allan Tarrant of MartinLogan and Joey Perfito of Anthem/Paradigm will be on hand for demonstrations and any questions you may have. PAMrep will be in all four rooms during the event.

SoundStage Hifi & MartinLogan Masterpiece Classic ESL 9 loudspeakers

SoundStage Hifi reviewed the MartinLogan Masterpiece Classic ESL 9 loudspeakers. “After listening to and thoroughly enjoying the nearly flawless performance of the Classic ESL 9s in my system, I can’t imagine living without them.”  Read more here!


Home Theater and High Fidelity reviews the MartinLogan Electromotion ESL X

Home Theater & High Fidelity reviews MartinLogan Electromotion ESL X “great clarity of sound with a vivid mid range”!

Read the review here!


The April 2017 PAMrep newsletter is available now!

The April 2017 PAMrep newsletter is available now!