Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater – 103″ to 155″ Display Complete With Stereo or Multi-Channel Sound!

The Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater is a complete outdoor cinematic entertainment or signage solution combining motorized, mega-large format, ultra-bright 16:9 format hi-resolution LED screens with Stealth Acoustics’ award-winning outdoor speaker and amplifier technologies – all to create a uniquely capable and fun outdoor audio visual experience. Each system includes either stereo or multi-channel speakers and subwoofers built into an impressive monolithic weatherized containment enclosure designed to withstand the elements.

Invisible Visceral Bass – Stealth Acoustics Has It!

subwooferCommon responses to placing a subwoofer in your clients installation… Your client would like to hear the full impact of a subwoofer but doesn’t have anywhere that you can place one… Your client doesn’t want a large ugly box [subwoofer] sitting in their room… If your clients subwoofer doesn’t go in-wall or in-ceiling, they will not have one…

You have all heard these issues come up around a room design but what is a solution that is going to deliver bass but be as hidden pas possible? Hmm, how about invisible?

B30g Stealth AcousticsEnter Stealth Acoustics subwoofers! They are completely invisible but retain the weight and power of out-of-the-wall/ceiling solutions! How is this possible? They employ several points of technology that make each Stealth Acoustics subwoofer system perform and deliver. Here they are:

Subwoofer Models B30g & B22g

These hardy subwoofers are built to go in-wall or in-ceiling and become completely invisible. The secret to their technology is two-fold. a Fidelity Glass sheet is their visible connection to the listening room. This remarkable material looks like drywall on the side facing the room but has ideal sound transmission capability. On the inside it is coupled to an air dam which is an ideal space allowed for the radiation of powerful pairs [B30g] or single [B22g] 8″ heavy duty subwoofer drivers. As they are moving, their front wave is coupled to the air mass in the air dam and directly moves the Fidelity Glass surface. The physical size of the driver translates to a much larger surface on the Fidelity Glass so the actual movement required to launch the bass waves into the room are dramatically diminished in movement but also dramatically translated into a perfect wave launch into the room. The result is potent and powerful bass extension to 20 Hz. The B30g system consists of two panels, each with two 8″ sub drivers attached. The B22g also has two panels, each with a single 8″ sub driver. See the actual measured performance of a B30g in a room environment here.

Big Bass Amplification

SA255RTo complete the invisible subwoofer scenario, the amplifier is a very important element. It needs to offer power and current to control the chosen subwoofers but be able to be placed remotely – perhaps in an equipment rack. Enter the SA255R. This powerful amplifier delivers 250 watts into an 8Ω load and 350 watts into 4Ω. It’s performance features include a variable low pass, 18db per octave filter which allows for nearly infinite crossover points from 50Hz to 100Hz. With this blending capability the B30 and B22 can be trimmed perfectly into the environment. A phase control and a built-in automatic limiter stage to minimize and possibility of system overloads allows perfect integration.

SA255R rear panel

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