Christmas Poem & Photos showcasing MartinLogan Impression ESL 11A’s in Deep Sea Blue custom color

MartinLogan Masterpiece Series Impression ESL 11A’s as Rudolph and Blitzen

This is a group of photos showcasing my friend’s awesome Deep Sea Blue custom MartinLogan Masterpiece Series Impression ESL 11A loudspeakers. He festively decorated them and then pondering their beauty and the joy they bring, wrote this poem!

Rudolph the red-nosed electrostat
Had a very pleasing sound
And if you ever heard it
You would even say “profound!”

All of the other speakers
Used to laugh and say “no bass”
Rudolph activated ARC
And promptly melted Santa’s face

Then one foggy Christmas eve
Santa came to say
“Rudolph with your sound so sweet
Won’t you start my tappin’ feet?”

Now Santa and the elves all gather
Along with the reindeer flock
“We’ll deliver those presents tomorrow –
Tonight we’re going to rock!

The ESL Santa and his Elves in Lawrence thank you profusely!

Rudolph singing Christmas songs!
Rudolph and Blitzen entertaining the family at Christmas!

Paradigm Monitor SE review update!

Paradigm’s Monitor SE 6000F recently received a 2018 Best of Award from In case you missed the award-winning review, we’re including a link below. This is the second award for the Monitor SE 6000F. Earlier this year, AVS Forum honored the 6000F with a Recommended 2018 award.

TONE Audio also recently honored the Monitor SE Atom with a 2018 Exceptional Value Award and French magazine Diapason awarded the Monitor SE Atom with a Diapason Hi-Fi 2018 D’or ​(Gold Tuning Fork) award. Earlier this year, SoundStage! honored the Atom with a Reviewers’ Choice award.